Natural Stone Surfaces in Mesa AZ

Here at Premium Granite our quality Mesa stone surfaces serve as the foundation of our business and will be the highlight of your home’s decor.

With 12 years in business, we have become experts in the stone industry and have expanded our services to give families all that they need during the remodeling process. The first step to this exciting journey is picking out the perfect stone surface for your kitchen, bathroom or living area. Let’s walk through the vast selection we offer our customers.

Mesa Granite

Santa Cecilia GoldBecause of its durability, elegance and longevity, granite is also great for heavily used surfaces such as kitchen countertops (learn more about Why Granite?). You are able to place a hot skillet or cut food directly on the material. Available in every color of the imagination, it is the most popular stone on the market and often comes to mind in the remodeling process.  Looking for a particular granite color?



Mesa Engineered Stone

china_engineered_quartz_stone_1Engineered stone is a great addition to any kitchen. Although not a Mesa natural stone surface, is it durable. It is also resistant to acids and stains, is hygienic, non-absorptive and heat-resistant. This eco-friendly stone option comes in various colors and finishes due to the creator’s choice of stones to use for the final slab. Various stones, typically quartz, are crushed down, a resin is applied to bind and seal the final product.



Mesa Marble

blue-marbleMany of us envision an extravagant foyer with white, breathtaking marble when we think of marble, and this beautiful natural stone can not only be found in flooring, but also in bathrooms, walls, vanity tops and fireplace settings. Talk about character! This stone is delicate and holds each etch and stitch it has acquired throughout its life. You can truly make your mark with this mesmerizing stone.


Mesa Soapstone

soapstone12This milky and sleek stone is perfect for homeowners looking for an alternative material to the ever-so-popular granite and marble. The soapy and soft texture fits in well in tabletop, sink and hearth applications, and the material is a favorite among bakers.

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