Brand New Granite Slabs Straight from Brazil

Over the last month Premium Granite has brought in over 200 high end slabs in 30 of the hottest colors. These slabs are also  very large  averaging 60+ square feet meaning we can do bigger  jobs for less money!

Edge Profiles

A finished edge on your countertops is the final touch to making your granite look like work of art! Here are our most popular edges! The Bevel Edge An angled edge. Available in 3cm or 4cm     The Double Bevel Edge An angled cut to both the top and bottom edges. Available in 2cm, […]

Tan Brown granite sample

The Benefits of Choosing Prefab Granite

Here at Premium Granite we have a wide selection of in-stock prefab granite.   Prefab… what exactly does ‘Prefab’ granite mean? What are the differences between prefab and custom granite installation? Is there an advantage in doing one or the other? Educating yourself about natural stone is very important before you have any type of […]

Payment Processing
Payment Processing